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An essential therapy which has been used for centuries to promote health, vitality and relaxation as well as relieving stress and muscular tension.


All massage's are preformed with pre-blended aromatherapy oils.


Back, Neck and Shoulders                          30mins           £36.00



Full Body                                                        60mins          £62.00          



Deluxe Full Body                                           75mins          £85.00          



Aromatic Back Treatment                           45mins           £55.00



A relaxing and deep cleansing treatment for the back.  Great for problem skins or for total relaxation.  Ideal for pre-party or holiday.




Are your ankles swollen? Legs feeling heavy and tired?

Why not come in, lie back with your feet up and let me massage a soothing cooling gel into your legs and feet.

Add a toe re-varnish to finish the treatment.


Tired Leg Soother                                         30mins          £36.00          


Re-Varnish                                                     15mins          £18.00            


Tired Leg Soother

and Re-Varnish Combo                               45mins           £47.00



A head to toe exfoliation followed by a relaxing body massage with warmed pre-blended oils and creams.

A perfect treatment for either pre or post holiday skins.



Body Detox                                                     60mins        £62.00